Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Memories

My favorite season is the fall. No other time of the year can compare–the winter is too cold, the summer too hot and the spring can be frightful with tornadoes threatening havoc. My autumn memories go far back to trick-or-treat activities, scary movies and wicked witch costumes, as well as football games– both high school and college. The county and state fairs were high on my to-do list.

As I grew older, my memories expanded to include pep rallies, dances at the armory and homecoming festivities. My early twenties were full of dates to college games, picnic lunches and getting together with friends after the big match-up. As I grew even older, the fall ushered in memories of the beginning of the holiday season culminating in Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with my family. I will always cherish the memories of lavish dinners with my parents and siblings, decorating for Christmas, shopping for presents and the beauty of midnight mass. 

Though most of my family is gone, the traditions and memories they inspired live on in the traditions and memories I have created with friends and family members that are still a part of my life. The fondest of these are set during the fall season.