Monday, March 9, 2015

Conversations with Barnabas

"What's this book about Mommie?," barked the inquisitive Barnabas.

"It's about a Dachshund like you," said Barnabas' human, Belinda. "Well, not exactly like you, but close enough."

"Woof that again?"

"It's called '50 Shades of Fur,' and it takes place in a daycare center for dogs and cats," explained Belinda.

"Sounds downright furry!"

"It is," Belinda assured the pup.

"Tell me more," barked Barnabas.

"Well, it's all about these critters falling in and out of love, and all the furry misadventures that result due to their love triangles."

Barnabas cocked his furry head, and with a puzzled look on his furry face and asked, "What's a love triangle?"

"Something like your predecessor, 'Hump,' was involved in and I hope your canine self won't indulge in."

"I still don't get it!," barked Barnabas.

"Just love the right kind of she-dog," Belinda advised. "A good companion will go a long way in keeping your doggie self straight. No chasing cats, chewing on furniture and peeing where you shouldn't!"

"Yes, yes, exactly what is my doggie self to do, while giving a bark-out to '50 Shades of Fur?"

"Well, you and I will be going to various locations around the state, talking and barking about the book,signing autographs and pawgraphs, as well as giving doggie kisses to whomever buys the book. What do you think about that, Barn-Barn?"

"Oh Mommie, I can do that! You know I love to give out doggie kisses!"

Belinda Stevens is an attorney practicing in Yazoo City, as well as an author. Her second book is a fun parody called "50 Shades of Fur," and is available on Follow her on FB, to see where she and Barnabas will be signing books!