Tuesday, December 9, 2014

They Call Me “Mr. B.”

 I have fur the color of honey and eyes that melt your most determined resolve. If given half a chance, I’ll play tug-of-war with your pants leg and stretch my little self across your chest and sleep for hours on end.

To say that I have both a halo and horns is no exaggeration! Im a honey-colored babe that likes to snuggle and chew on anything that doesn’t chew back, from Mama’s bathrobe, the curtains, pieces of furniture–even the carpet. As for my bathroom habits, my house is my toilet. The bath mat, the carpet, the floor and maybe if I’m feeling gracious and accomodating, the newspaper. The outside is for eating leaves, worms and whatever else I can swallow.

But I love my Mama and the term “snuggle bunny” was meant for me. My name is Barnabas, but they call me “Mr. B.”
Note: Barnabas is the newest furry companion of writer Belinda Stevens. Learn more about her books atwww.belindastevens.com.