Friday, September 13, 2013

Other Christmas Memories

As I’ve stated previously, Christmas wasn’t always one of Mama’s favorite holidays. She would get herself all worked up over the decorating, shopping and planning Christmas dinner. But that didn’t mean the rest of us didn’t enjoy Christmas, pets included. Rebel’s eyes would shine when we turned on the Christmas tree lights. He knew there were presents for him under the tree – his Daily Growl and other various squeaky toys and rawhide bones. That tradition was started when he was just a puppy. It was his first Christmas, so I decided to get him a bone and a stuffed toy I wrapped them and put them under the tree. My father said I was silly – that the dog wouldn’t be interested in what was under the tree. Boy, was he wrong!

As we began to unwrap our presents Christmas morning, Rebel started jumping in place and barking. I went to the tree, picked up the toy and handed it to Rebel. What happened next was nothing short of amazing. That dog pulled the bow off with his teeth and put it aside. He then held the toy down with one paw and peeled the wrapping back with the other paw like a banana. Once he got the wrapping off, he played with his toy for a minute or so and then took it to his doghouse. He then came back and sat down next to the tree to wait for his next present. Each year, Rebel expected more and more presents just like a kid at Christmas. After all the presents were opened, Rebel would wait for us to come out in the yard. At that point, he would bring us his new toys to inspect, one by one.

My cat, Hardy, also enjoyed the holidays. But that’s another story.

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