Monday, December 30, 2013

Did You Forget Something?

My family was notorious for forgetting things- large and small.  I remember well the morning my
father was late for work.  Normally, he left for work ten minutes to eight-just enough time to make it to the office by eight o'clock.  His morning ritual included x-amount of time for breakfast, so much time for a shower and a shave, the necessary time to brush his teeth, floss and comb is beautiful white hair.  He was  never late.  In fact, he was a fanatic about it and would get more than a little irritated with me when I was chronically fifteen to thirty minutes late.

But one sunny morning in mid-spring, he didn't appear for breakfast until almost nine o'clock.  We were all shocked, my father included.  He said his alarm clock didn't go off.  When he finally woke up, he went to look for it but couldn't find the darn thing.  As he was explaining his predicament, I reached in the refrigerator for some orange juice and pulled out the alarm clock.  At which point, I asked my father, "Is this what you were looking for?"

My brother Jimmy holds the record for losing the largest item possible.  I will never forget the morning my brother told the family that his brand new automobile had been stolen.  He was ready to alert the local police, when my father reminded Jimmy he had left his vehicle at work and had ridden home with him.  My brother was famous for losing things but losing his car was one for the record books.

Of course, I can't leave myself out.  On numerous occasions I have panicked when I couldn't locate the cell phone I was talking on at the time; or furiously searched for glasses already on my head.  And last but not least have you ever gone from one room to another looking for something and forgot what you were looking for, by the time you arrived in the room in question?  I have.

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